It’s A Novel Idea!

“Ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s the execution that counts!” Henry VIII

It is often said there only seven plots to a novel, or thirteen, or three, depending on who you believe. Whichever it is, there are actually only so many ways one can spin a story. What happens after the first seeds of a plot begin to germinate in the mind of a writer is the genius of story telling. Ian Flemming managed to tell the same tale twenty times; Secret Agent uncovers dastardly plot by evil genius intent on ruling the world. Secret Agent goes in pursuit pausing briefly to rescue beautiful girl. Secret Agent is captured by Mr Big and later escapes in a very clever way. Big battle ensues and Mr Big appears to die, but he might be still alive. Yet the stories still sell in their millions.

Writers often become overly possessive and secretive of their ideas, even to the point of refusing to tell a potential publisher in the fear their idea will be stolen. Other writers will sit and stare at a blank screen in the hope of divine inspiration.

Either way, we present here a list of ideas to kick start your creative flow. Ideas for novels for you to take and develop as you see fit. Take the ideas and have fun… But remember us if you hit it big!

The Biderburg conspiracists are right. The world is ruled by only fifty ultra powerful people. One man uncovers the truth. But can he expose the group before they silence him?

A man sees visions of a far off planet whilst undergoing hypnotherapy.

The Earth is really a living organism that finally starts to shrug off the human infestation.

The Papacy is secretly being funded by an obscure Jewish faction.

Saddam Husain is still alive and being kept in hiding by the CIA as he has hidden files on the Bush dynasty.

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